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Welcome to the World Wide Web. So you have looked around and believe that your business will benefit from Internet advertising. You are probably 100% correct. Some businesses are doing well on the web, some are not. Why? Certainly each individual case is different but your success or failure largely depends on your decisions of how and where to place your ads, and the products and/or services you are attempting to market. Your web site will be an excellent, cost efficient, addition to your marketing package. It will work best for you if it is used in conjunction with your other advertising. Whether you run local newspaper ads, national magazine ads, radio or TV ads, you've found that you can get a small amount of information in these relatively expensive media. By including your web address in every ad you run, people interested in your products/services will be able to learn everything you wish to tell them about your business and have several easy ways to contact you! Now that you know these critical factors and you still believe the web is for you, read on to learn how to get your advertising on-line!

Most people assume since they have the ability to "surf" the web that they must also have the ability to advertise on the web, with their existing account, if they only knew how. This is not true. Surfing and advertising on the web are two entirely different functions. Before any company or person can advertise they must first secure a server. A server is a system that stores your pages and makes them available for viewing 24 hrs a day. Your server does not have to be in your local area, therefore giving you the opportunity to shop around for the best combination of price & service. Setting up your own server and learning to do all the programming yourself (or hiring personnel and training them), is one method, or having someone like us do it for you is another option. Since we provide these services for numerous clients we are able to offer these services at rates actually lower than if you attempted to do this yourself. So it's an economically sound option to simply let someone who is experienced take care of these services for you. After you have explored the different options we're sure you'll agree that our service and pricing structure is one of the best available.

Once you have decided to secure a server, the next task at hand is getting your ads designed. We've dealt with many different types of clients and the general consensus is that the business owners usually know how they want their products and/or services presented to the public better than most agencies who claim to be experts. Let's face it, you have already found ways to successfully market your products and/or services in the past or you would not be in business now. You probably already have a good idea of what you want your pages to look like. This is the time to write down the message(s) you want to convey and any ideas you have for the look of your web site.

Now that you have decided to secure a server and have a design for your ads, you're ready to create the pages for your web site. Just as a printer would use your materials to produce a catalog or brochure, we use them to produce your web site. We can work with everything from hand written notes to computer generated pages and will prepare a production quote based on your materials, allowing everyone involved to know what to expect and what it will cost right up front. If you're able to produce your site, all the better!

When your site is ready for the initial viewing it is placed in a temporary location for you to proof read. Once you have previewed each page and corrections are made, your site is moved to its permanent address (URL) and placed online. With the process of placing your ads online complete, you have but one more task ahead of you. Where and how to get people to view your ads.

Attracting visitors to your site is an ongoing activity. Search engines are one method visitors will find your web site. Just as a CPA subscribes to accounting software updates, or an attorney subscribes to law updates, we subscribe to search engine submission software updates. Allowing us to submit your site to to over 1,100 search engines!

As mentioned earlier, your best source for attracting visitors is the advertising you do in other media. Your web address should be included anywhere you place your company name and contact information. Not only in newspaper, magazine, radio, TV or billboards ads, but also on your letterhead, business cards, checks, return address labels and signs! You never know where your next lead or sale may come from!

I wish you the best of luck in your business. And I look forward to assisting you with your Internet advertising needs.

Kevin J. Robson


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